Holy Spirit Demonstration, Kingdom Expansion, and World Transformation

Our Mission

Our mission is to see Africa, United States, and nations around the world transformed by the glory of God. We desire to see the lost saved and to empower believers to live a supernatural lifestyle of power,presence and revival. Our mission is to see the kingdom of God expanded throughout the world by raising up harvesters during these End Times; and to demonstrate to a generation the power of the prophetic and deliverance ministries of the Holy Spirit.





God is calling all spiritual soldiers, and now is the time to respond. He wants you to join a new Holy Spirit-empowered army — Joel’s Army.
With Jordan and Georgia Wells’ book The Joel 2 Generationyou will be awakened to walk in the fullness of how you were created for revival. Prepare to launch into a new realm of the miraculous that will ignite cities and nations.

About The Authors
Jordan and Georgia Wells are founders of Final Harvest International. They are prophetic voices that have been called to travel the world preaching repentance, and God glory to nations. Jordan Wells is a prophet that carries apostolic anointing with a heart to see revival and heaven invading earth through the preaching of the gospel of the Kingdom. Jordan Wells walks in a powerful deliverance and the prophetic anointing. He married his wife Georgia L. Wells one year ago, who joined him in the ministry. She also has a call on her life for revival across the world. She is an anointed Prophet with a passion for deliverance. She is a powerful intercessor and prophetic writer who has truly become a women of absolute faith in God. Together, they are called to carry the fire of the Holy Spirit, and the message of the soon return of Jesus Christ through the preaching of the Kingdom with signs, and wonders. Our desire is to raise up a mighty prophetic end time army that carries the glory of God. They currently live in Jacksonville, FL were they serve at Ignite Church Revival Center.