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    From Final Harvest International

    We had a amazing week of ministry, and open doors that God has open up in this season. We have seen great breakthrough with youth through the love and power of God in our ministry. Several of the youth we have been mentoring, are seeing amazing breakthrough and deliverance. We have just arrived from Texas were we saw many people healed, and the power of God and his  anointing was just incredible. We ministered at several amazing churches while in Texas, we were  also honored to be invited to a powerful prophetic summit in Texas. Where we released prophetic words, not only to the body of Christ in the region, but also the leaders. Even as I type I am on my way to minister to a congregation lead by the mighty women of God Pastor Paula. We ask you to keep me and my wife in your prayers, and consider financially supporting this ministry on a monthly bases. We are bringing the power of God’s Holy Spirit to this generation. I just started a Youth Pastor Job to a amazing church, and guess what it’s Baptist. I get to bring his Holy Spirit to a entire church praise Jesus.

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    Jordan and Georgia Wells President 

    Final harvest International 

    November 26, 2017

    Prophetic Word This is a time of harvesting for God’s people

    This is a time of harvesting for God’s people, a time of reaping from the prophetic soil of your labor of the pass. I believe the Father is handing out double portion favor for you, and for me. Many are about to receive divine interference from the almighty as you reach out, and claim this prophetic word for the Body Of Christ. I believe angels of Finaces are being released even as many are reading this powerful word from the Lord that blessed me from a Prophet of God.

    The time has come where those who have remained faithful are going to be thrust into the harvest. This is God’s sending time. Just as Paul was snatched out of the Arabian Desert, many will be brought out of their desert season into their giftings and anointing. This is the “year” of the Lord’s glory. The gold (finances) is going to be released for end-time apostolic ministries, which will bring in the harvest. Scripture links the release of God’s power with financial blessings.


    This is a powerful video that will further inspire your faith, in this very prophetic season. Learn how to walk in impossibility in every area of your life. 


    May 03, 2017

    Prophetic Word From Heidi Baker Birthing The Miraculous

    This is a powerful word from Missionary and Apostolic Leader Heidi Baker, this word really encouraged me, and I believe it will do the same for you. I feel in the spirit many are birthing there own miracle promise from the Father, and need encouragement to continue to stand, in this season of intense birthing pain, and Pre Labor stages. This word is for you, if you will claim it as your own, also below there is a prophetic word from me, about walking in the Realm of Impossibility.
    When we go through painful seasons and trials in our lives,
      we do not want our suffering to be prolonged. I believe
      Katie’s child was released supernaturally quickly as a
      prophetic sign for the times. Many of you have been given
      prophetic words and promises that would seem to require long
     and difficult transitions before they could ever come to pass.
    You may have begun to feel that these promises are
     never going to come true because there is not enough time
      left for you to see them fulfilled. I believe this word is
      for you and that now is the time for God’s promise to be
      supernaturally birthed in your life.The transition has
    come, and it is time for the babies of God’s promises to be
     born in our lives. It is time to bear the most precious of
      fruits. A natural birth is often long and painful, but God
      is ready and eager to perform miracles of supernatural
      swiftness on behalf of His children. On this very day He
     is even more eager than we are to see all of us coming
     together  into the fullness of our destinies. He longs for us to
     grow up into the fullness of His Son—Jesus Christ. It is time
      to go from one to ten now!
    This prophetic word is for you we welcome your comments, please share this word from God from this great women of Faith. 
    May 03, 2017