Prophetic Word This is a time of harvesting for God’s people

This is a time of harvesting for God’s people, a time of reaping from the prophetic soil of your labor of the pass. I believe the Father is handing out double portion favor for you, and for me. Many are about to receive divine interference from the almighty as you reach out, and claim this prophetic word for the Body Of Christ. I believe angels of Finaces are being released even as many are reading this powerful word from the Lord that blessed me from a Prophet of God.

The time has come where those who have remained faithful are going to be thrust into the harvest. This is God’s sending time. Just as Paul was snatched out of the Arabian Desert, many will be brought out of their desert season into their giftings and anointing. This is the “year” of the Lord’s glory. The gold (finances) is going to be released for end-time apostolic ministries, which will bring in the harvest. Scripture links the release of God’s power with financial blessings.


This is a powerful video that will further inspire your faith, in this very prophetic season. Learn how to walk in impossibility in every area of your life. 


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